If you’ve ever watched the show American Pickers on The History Channel you know about the co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. The show was developed by Mike Wolfe based on his business Antique Archaeology. I’ve visited both locations of his brick and mortar stores – in Iowa and Tennessee – and it’s so fun to see things in the shops that I’ve watched them find in their travels across America.

As “pickers” they buy antiques and historical artifacts from people across the country and they resell them in their stores. At first glance, you might think Mike and Frank are in the antique business or the picking business. But that’s only part of it.

The truth is they’re also in the Integrity Business.

How do I know this? Because as a regular viewer, I’ve seen them act with integrity many times. They offer fair prices that allow them to make a profit, while at the same time showing respect to the seller. When they purchase something and later find out it’s worth a lot more than they paid for it, they go back to the seller and pay more money for the item. They don’t have to do that. The seller doesn’t expect it. But the reason they do it is because they understand the foundation of their business is integrity.

Now whether your expertise as an author comes from finance, fitness, or food – or even life experience – it’s crucial that you be in the same kind of business as Mike and Frank.

People in the media value integrity because when they book you on their TV or radio program or feature you in an article, you represent them. You become part of how they are perceived by their audience. And if that audience doesn’t trust them, they won’t watch/listen to, or read that media source. And the great thing is, you’ll get more respect – and more publicity – by leading with integrity. And you’ll get opportunities to serve the people who need your message again and again.

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