A lot of authors get frustrated because they just can’t get media attention for their book or message. And I usually know the main reason why they’re struggling.

They don’t have a good solid pitch.

A pitch is like a bridge. One side is where you are as an author – and the other side, way across the bridge – is the media attention you need to get your message to the masses.


One way to craft a compelling pitch is to do this easy but powerful exercise:

1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center creating two columns.

2. On the left side list 5 reasons why you would benefit from getting a media interview. (Ex: Sell more copies of your book, increase social media followers, gain credibility, get paid more for speaking gigs, gain experience being on camera)

3. On the right side list 5 specific ways in which a media interview would benefit your audience. (I don’t know your area of expertise so I’ll give you some general examples: Solve a problem for them in a unique way, provide insights and “aha” moments, inspire them, educate them on a better way to do a certain thing, provide hope)

4.   Now cover up the reasons on the left and focus your attention entirely on the list on the right – the specific ways in which your appearance can benefit the people you serve.

5.   Draw an arrow from the reasons that your audience would be helped to the reasons you would benefit from the media appearance. Do this to illustrate that once you meet the needs of your audience, your goals will be met also. When you’re focusing on how to serve rather than how to sell, you will be rewarded with an audience who buys your books, follows you online, and seeks you out as a trusted resource.

Your success as an author in the media will come from how well you serve the media outlet and their audience, so always keep that in mind when you pitch and when you’re being interviewed. Success is found in service!

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