There’s a key a quality you need when it comes to doing media interviews for your book or message. It’s courage. But you might think that you don’t have enough of it to step into the spotlight.

You might be surprised.

Because here’s the thing – you may think of courage as something big and rare reserved for extraordinary situations, but the truth is you probably already possess plenty of what I call everyday courage.

If you’ve ever struggled, or felt helpless and defeated (and who among us hasn’t felt this way at some point or another?) you’ve probably kept going by tapping into your everyday courage. Applying to college, going on a job interview, speaking up in a meeting, standing up for yourself or your child – sometimes just getting up in the morning and facing the day – all of these things can require everyday courage.

Believe it or not, it’s the same quality you use when you send a book proposal to a literary agent or you email a pitch about your message to a TV producer, hoping to get publicity. It’s the same thing you draw on when a radio host turns to you and says “We’re about to go live” and you take a deep breath and share your message. And it will be there for you when you sit in a studio full of cameras about to do your first TV interview. You’ll get through it. Even if you’re nervous. Even if you’ve never done it before.

Because everyday courage is powerful.

If you’re an author who has put your wisdom and your struggles into a book, I guarantee there is courage on every page. In fact I think we’re loaded with courage, but many of us just don’t realize it because we use it in small amounts. But it adds up. So use your courage like a muscle and exercise it every day. The results may be life changing, for you – and for the people you serve.

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