You know when you’re at a networking event and someone walks up to you and starts chatting? The first question after you exchange names is typically… “So, what do you do?”

That may seem fairly mundane. But the truth is, it’s one of the most important questions you can answer. It’s an opportunity to share your mission with someone who knows nothing about you. The absolutely glorious thing is that you are 100% in control of how you respond.

Why? Because your mission belongs to you.

But you know what? Most of us make a crucial mistake in this moment. Instead of stating clearly what we do, we start to explain it.

The trouble is, by virtue of offering an explanation, you’re basically admitting that you have no clear idea of what your message is. Yikes! If you don’t know what your message is, how is anyone else going to figure it out?

If somebody asks me what I do, I say, “I teach nonfiction authors how to get publicity and turn media interviews into marketing assets.” That’s a really definitive statement. All in just :10 seconds. No explanation necessary.

 So, if you’re a nonfiction author seeking publicity you must develop a core message. Feel free to use mine as a guide. Notice that it contains just 3 elements:

1. Who I am (I share my background which builds credibility)


2. Who I serve (I’m not afraid to be specific)


3. How I specifically serve them (I say how authors will benefit)

Am I a Publicist? Nope. A Media Trainer who teaches business folks how to avoid tricky questions? Not at all. Do I serve experts who have no intention of writing a book? No. I’m all about authors.

You know the answers to those questions because I know the answer to the key question, “What do you do?” I am crystal clear about what I do, so you are equally clear about whether I can help you.

Now, having clarity on your core message is a great start, but if you talk to a producer or journalist will you be ready to answer a few more crucial questions? If not, please get this valuable but FREE resource, a PDF Media Success Quick Start Guide: Ready for Publicity in 30 Minutes. Get your copy at!