For the past 2 years, in addition to being a Media Coach, I have also been working full time as a Senior Post Producer for a daytime talk show called Pickler and Ben. The show didn’t get picked up for a third season so today is my last day there. (The massive silver lining is that now I get to devote my professional self 100% to my clients and this community of amazing authors!) It’s been an absolute gift getting to be a part of Pickler & Ben – not only because the content was uplifting, but also because I was privileged to work with incredible people, including a second chance to work with so many dear friends from The Oprah Show.

Co-host Kellie Pickler (one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with) often said that the guests of the show would “shine a light” on a certain topic. She said it so often, we called it a “Kellie-ism” and “Shine a Light” became the unofficial slogan of the show. The other day, it suddenly occurred to me that she was exactly right. I was driving home and thinking about how to help nonfiction authors be unafraid of the spotlight. So many authors I know are hesitant to be seen and heard in the media. I get that. It’s intimidating. I felt that way when my parenting book came out in 2010. Truth is, I was terrified. But the mindset shift that helped me to overcome that fear was something you’ve probably heard me say before: Being seen and heard in media interviews was not about me. It was about my message and the people who needed to hear it.

Here’s the thing. So many authors get anxious because of the light pointed at them without realizing what Kellie (I miss her already) has known all along. It’s not about the light pointed at you – it’s about the light you can shine into the lives of others.

You are the keeper of the light. And the light is your message.

By sharing your message through your book and media appearances, you’re shining a light into the lives of people you may never meet. People who need your wisdom, your humor, your experience, or your perspective. And most importantly, they need you to have the courage to step into the spotlight.

The bottom line is there are so many people struggling in their lives – maybe it’s relationships, health, career, parenting, money, time management, diet, fitness, or a search for more meaning. They need a path forward but they can’t see what it is. You have the power to help bring clarity and guidance. Something you know and share in your book and message could be the very answer they’ve been hoping and praying for.

So the next time you think about appearing in the media, and you get a nervous knot in your stomach because you feel uncomfortable being in the spotlight, realize this: That light doesn’t shine on you, it shines through you. If you step up and share your message in a public way, you will change lives for the better.

So, shine. Because you are the keeper of the light.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if the Media sees that light and reaches out wanting to book you for an interview. It happens! I want to make sure I support you by getting you ready for publicity. Get my free PDF Media Success Quick Start Guide: Ready for Publicity in 30 Minutes because your light deserves to be seen.