One of the greatest assets you can have as an author seeking publicity is uniqueness. Not only does it make you stand out to a media outlet, it appeals to producers and writers because they know you’ll get the attention of their audience as well.

Many of you though, may feel that you’re not particularly unusual. So, if you think that you or your message doesn’t stand out, look at the people you serve. Is there anything unexpected about your audience?

For example – let’s say you’re an author and leadership coach who might be expected to work with executives, business people, and community leaders. But you took a different approach, thinking that a lot of people are already doing that. So instead you work with an underserved community of people when it comes to leadership – employees who’ve been laid off and might consider an entrepreneurial path but they don’t see themselves as leaders.

Advocating leadership in unexpected groups of people like those dealing with job loss can change their lives and impact others in unexpected ways, providing interesting insights and terrific success stories to share in media interviews.

Uniqueness will always be one of the best ways to attract media attention. So find a way to highlight what is different about you, your message, or how you serve your audience when developing a Media strategy. To quote Dr. Seuss “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

You may discover that standing out will bring the Media straight to you.