When it comes to marketing your book and message successfully, one of the most effective and powerful media strategies is to start early. But far too many authors don’t even start thinking about Media until their book launches. Honestly, that’s much too late.

Now, there is this accepted book marketing approach where the goal is to get publicity on launch day and pursue it for 3 months. But let’s take a look at that. What if you were launching a product that was not a book, and it was going to be available to the public on January 1st 2021. Would you actually wait until that exact day to start marketing it and then stop marketing it after 90 days? Good heavens, no! It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Yet that’s the standard approach with book launching when it comes to Media. And it’s old school, outdated, and here’s the truth – it rarely works.

What does work is building relationships with Media long before your book comes out. Otherwise, you are pitching to a cold audience. And as traditional marketing experts will tell you, a cold audience rarely buys. And a Media person is a cold audience if they are hearing from you for the first time when you expressly want something from them. So they are less likely to “buy” your pitch and book you.

The good news is you can start respectfully forming genuine relationships starting right now by taking these steps:

1. Consume Media Intentionally.

So read articles written by the columnists whom you hope will write about you, your message, and your book in the future. Watch TV shows that serve your audience now. Listen to radio shows and podcasts that already target the people you serve. Read online sites that have articles quoting other experts in your same field.

2. Follow Those Media Content Creators on Social Media.

Go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… and interact with those folks long before you want coverage from them. Take the time to get to know them and their work.

3. Interact With Media Folks Online.

Like, comment, and share their content when you genuinely feel it’s relevant for your audience even if the article/radio interview/TV appearance features your competition. In fact, not only does this serve your audience in a thoughtful way but consuming the Media that other experts in your field are getting is very strategic because you can learn so much from what the Media is already paying attention to in your space.

If you make these 3 simple practices a part of your life long before your book comes out then you will be on the path to publicity success. Because here’s the harsh reality. Most authors spend many months or years putting their hearts and minds into getting their remarkable books out into the world. And then they hope they get publicity either with their launch publicist if they are traditionally published, or on their own, if they are working independently.

Hope is not a book launch strategy. 

Intentionally consuming the right Media for your target audience and building relationships with columnists, producers, and journalists several months before your book launches creates a warm, receptive audience and is the foundation for a media strategy that gets results. 

And by the way, if your book is already out, all is not lost. You can use these same strategies to start building relationships with the Media starting today. The goal is to respectfully engage with media folks long before you need or want anything from them. 

And keep in mind that the Media may reach out to you because they’ve heard your podcast, read your book, or stumbled upon your website while researching guests. This is a good thing – if you’re ready for publicity, that is. No worries – I’ve got a FREE Media Success Quick Start Guide for you. It’s called Ready For Publicity in 30 Minutes and you can get it here: readyforpublicity.com