A few days ago a nonfiction author asked me what she could do to be of service in this moment, with her book release still months away. My answer? Step up now and do media interviews – not as a way to get publicity – but as a way to serve.

It got me thinking…what types of authors do we need to hear from in this unique moment in history? Well, if you’ve written a book on any of these topics, you are the kind of expert the Media (and the world) needs right now:

1. Health/Wellness
2. Finance
3. Relationships
4. Organization
5. Fitness
6. Cooking
7. Stress Management
8. Faith
9. Parenting
10. Homeschooling
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Working From Home
13. Anxiety
14. Grief Support
15. How to Write a Book
16. Crisis Management
17. Technology
18. Education
19. Leadership
20. Caregiving
21. Productively/Time Management
22. Life Coaching
23. Small Business/Entrepreneurship
24. Inspiration/Hope
25. Therapy/Counseling
26. Happiness
27. Communication
28. Dating
29. Humor
30. Community Building
31. Kindness
32. Gratitude
33. Meditation

The list goes on. The bottom line is if you’re a nonfiction author with an important message to share, there has never been a better time to serve your audience than right now.

It’s easy to believe that every single story in the Media is about the global health crisis we’re facing. But if you observe Media like I do, it’s clear there are many sub-stories sprouting up. People are struggling with overwhelming challenges they may never have faced before and they’re looking for answers. That means the Media is looking for experts like nonfiction authors to provide those answers.

Authors like you.

And I for one am grateful for your wisdom, your leadership, and your willingness to step up and make a difference. Never has it been more true that your book is just the beginning.

If you don’t feel ready for Media, I can help. A few weeks ago, before all this began, I created a free Media Success Quick Start Guide – Ready for Publicity in 30 Minutes. If you’ve written a nonfiction book on any of these topics, the Media may be reaching out to you any day now. I want you to be ready.