You know what TV producers wish you – as a nonfiction author – knew? That they need you as much as you need them.

Well that was a short post! I didn’t, as we say in the TV biz, “bury the lead.

I put it out there right away because it’s so important that you understand that a media interview is not just about you getting publicity.

No TV producer is sitting around thinking, “Mmmm, how can I get that wonderful author in Baltimore, Birmingham, or Boston some great publicity?” Nope, she’s thinking, “How can I get the show booked?

Producers are all about booking great interviews that serve their audience and yes, wow their bosses. It’s a very high-pressured job!

And the very first step you must take before getting those coveted TV interviews is getting your mindset right.

Yes, every media interview you do should be a win for you. Absolutely. But if it stops there, well, then so will your interviews. Publicity has to be mutually beneficial to you & your audience, and to the media outlet.

So where does mindset come in? Well if I had a nickel for every nonfiction author who told me they weren’t “expert” enough or they weren’t “confident” enough – or let’s just put it out there – “worthy” enough – to step into the media spotlight, I’d have a lot of nickels. And just about all of them would have come from women.

Far too often, women nonfiction authors hold back when they need to step forward.

And I’m all about teaching you how to step forward. Because the world needs your wisdom, like yesterday. And as a nonfiction author, we in the media already view you as an expert.

Do you see yourself that way?

I hope so. Because having an expert mindset (whether your expertise comes from education, career, or life experience) is crucial to getting high profile media interviews.

And knowing that you – yes you – have something incredible and powerful to bring to the media is massively important. Producers will book you because they believe you and your content are “media-worthy.”

They’re booking you because they need you as much as you need them.

But no producer can know how amazing you are if you don’t believe it first. Because the first person who needs to see you as media-worthy is you.