I was being interviewed for an upcoming summit for authors yesterday and I was asked a question about something on my website. A sort of mathematical formula: Integrity + Publicity = Influence.

It seems math was never my strong point.

You see, I realized that the formula I had come up with a few years ago was no longer true.

The reason? Too many people have figured out how to “game” influence. There are those who appear to have massive numbers of social media followers but in reality they’re bots. Some “influencers” rent fancy cars so they can stand in front of them for pictures. I’ve even heard of well known online entrepreneurs who buy their own products to inflate their sales numbers. Can you even imagine?

The bottom line: these days, influence is often lacking authenticity. And my formula requires integrity. So it just doesn’t add up any more.

It’s time to write a new formula, so that’s what I’ve done, and you’re the first to see it:

Integrity + Publicity = IMPACT

What do you think? This resonates with me because as a media coach for women nonfiction authors, the most important results my clients and students seek is impact. They might not use that word. They may speak of book sales, bestseller lists, enhanced credibility, accolades, increasing their audience, and making a difference.

It’s all impact.

Because when you sell your books, they get into the hands of people who need your message. When you become a bestselling author, more people hear about your work. When you win an award, it’s because your words have weight and wisdom. When more people follow you, your message amplifies.

And when you make a difference, well, that to me is the very definition of impact.

So it makes me wonder, what does impact look like for you? Please take a moment to comment. I’d love to know.