Are you ready to go to the next level to accelerate your media success?

Does This Sound Like You?

You’re a nonfiction author with a manuscript that’s about to be published, or your book is already in the world. You want to get publicity but you may not know where to start. Or you have some experience with media but your publicity got no results. As a self-proclaimed “media anthropologist” Mary O’Donohue knows how to uncover the most “pitchable” content in your book and will teach you how to deliver interviews with impact. That’s why she created the Book Launch Accelerator™.

Book Launch Accelerator™

Wouldn’t it make your book launch so much easier if you knew what the Media wants from you? This one-on-one program combines a detailed Media Analysis of your book or manuscript with one-on-one private coaching. This program is designed for highly motivated individuals who want a customized coaching experience.

If you’re serious about working on a media strategy and would like to work with Mary one-on-one, please click on this link to answer some questions and schedule a 30 minute discovery session with her.

Mary O’Donohue is a media veteran with decades of experience behind the camera to a best selling author who has been in front of the camera on live TV, there is no one more equipped to help you navigate the media labyrinth. Utilizing her vast experience from the Control Room to the Green Room, she has developed a proprietary Media I.M.P.A.C.T Framework to guide her clients to achieve media success.