Media Success Blueprint™

Your Proven Path to Publicity with Purpose

Are you a woman nonfiction author who wants to sell books while also making an impact and changing the world?

If so, you’re in the right place. In fact, it’s my mission to teach women nonfiction authors like you how to get your immense wisdom into local, regional, and national conversations that happen in Media every day. Why? Because when women enter the conversation, we don’t just contribute to it, we fundamentally change the conversation. And conversations need to change.

If that resonates with you, please read on.

As a nonfiction author myself, I understand your journey and I want to make the path to publicity and impact easier for you.

I’m someone who has spent decades behind the scenes in high profile television, so I know how Media really works. After many years on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, and NBC Nightly News, among others, I had a massive advantage when my parenting book came out in 2010. 

But it wasn’t about who I knew in TV. It was about what I know about how TV really works. And I want to share that insider knowledge with you in a way that actually prepares you for Media and teaches you exactly what to do to get publicity on your own.

That’s why I’ve made my signature program, Media Success Blueprint™ available for you to take any time as a self directed course, without waiting for a new cohort to start. And MSB is proven to work. Past Media Success Blueprint™ students have gotten themselves in front of audiences of more than 85 million people and done game-changing interviews because they were truly prepared for media success.

During this 6 module course + 4 Live Q&A’s you’ll learn the crucial skills you need to:

  • Get TV, radio, podcast, print, and online interviews on your own
  • Deliver your message in interviews with clarity and confidence, creating marketing assets for your book, brand, and world-changing mission
  • Connect to your audience in a way that brings actual results (like book sales!)

And so you won’t have to scroll all the way to the end for the price (that just feels disrespectful of your time) it’s normally $2400 but there are limited spots still available for $1997.

What does Media Success look like? 

  • Growing your audience with people who need your book, message, and wisdom
  • Having the skills and confidence to pitch the Media on your own successfully as long as you like without paying a publicist
  • If you are working with a publicist, understanding what the Media actually wants, so your opportunities for publicity won’t stop when your 3 month contract ends
  • Doing media interviews with the ease and confidence to deliver your message clearly
  • Actually selling more books, rather than using bro-marketing tactics to appear that your book is a bestseller (I said it.) Because being a “bestseller” in an obscure, teeny tiny category isn’t real and it gets you nowhere. Real is what matters. And media appearances sell books when you know what you’re doing. That’s how I became a real #1 Bestselling Parenting Author.
  • Getting to the point when the Media reaches out to YOU! (Media attracts Media.)
  • Your credibility grows so you get inquiries for speaking opportunities and/or new clients.
  • Experiencing personal and professional transformation as a sought after expert in Media
  • Growing your impact and truly making a difference as a woman nonfiction author with incredible wisdom to share

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from getting the publicity you deserve?


You think you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a publicist to have a chance at national publicity.

(Not true.)


You think you already need to be a Bestselling Author or no one in Media will see you as an expert worth booking.

(Not remotely true.)


You believe you have to know someone “on the inside” in the Media in order to land high profile publicity.

(Don’t get me started!)

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m a Media Coach, #1 Bestselling Author, and former Post Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show. I’ve worked in high profile television for decades, including years on Today, Meet the Press, and NBC Nightly News.

I teach women nonfiction authors how to get national publicity and do media interviews that sell books, grow their impact, and change the world.

I’m not here to play small and I don’t think you are either.

As a nonfiction author whose book catapulted to #1 in Parenting and broke into Amazon’s top 100 after a media interview, I understand the power of traditional media to sell books. 

My unique and proven coaching framework, The Media I.M.P.A.C.T. Method™ which is based on working on more than 10,000 television interviews in my career and being interviewed in Media myself, has consistently led to success for women nonfiction authors in local, national, and even international media.

I wrote my book to change lives and I bet you did the same. So if your book sales and your impact aren’t what they should be, let’s change that.

Because your book is just the beginning.

Your Media Success Starts Now!

  • MSB is a self-directed course so there is no more waiting for doors to open!
  • Get a full year’s access to the course so you can be prepared for publicity before your book comes out, when your book is launching, or after your book has been out a while. (Your book is not egg salad y’all…it won’t go bad in the eyes of the Media!)
  • Six modules of lessons based on my Media I.M.P.A.C.T. Method™: Identity/Messaging/Pitching/Amplification/Communication/Transformation
  • This powerful step-by-step framework is designed to provide nonfiction authors like you with what actually works to achieve media success. Most authors start with pitching and that’s a huge mistake!
  • Valuable bonuses including 4 Quarterly live Q&A’s with me + easy-to-use pitching templates!
  • All of that, and Media Success Blueprint is only $2400. (Limited spots left at $1997)

    Thanks to Mary, I was featured in The Chicago Tribune and have already done 2 live television interviews. I highly recommend Mary’s program to any author — or aspiring author — looking to hone their message and develop their interview skills. As authors, many of us naturally love to write but find it challenging to share the same information in spoken form. Mary will teach you how to take what you’ve written and translate it into a media interview that will get your work the attention it deserves.

    Laura Tiebert

    Author, The Rise of Prince (1958-1988)

    During the course I was interviewed for, an online magazine reaching roughly 50 million monthly readers. Shortly after completing the program I was featured in two separate feature length articles on Thrive Global, which has an audience of more than 10 million monthly readers.

    Mary’s experience in the media industry, her seasoned wisdom, and her encouraging, supportive spirit made for an absolutely incredible experience. I highly recommend Mary as a media mentor. She gets results.

    Jenna Riemersma

    Author, Altogether You: Experiencing Personal and Spiritual Transformation With Internal Family Systems Therapy

    Media Success Blueprint™ Details:

    • Proven Results – Previous students have gotten themselves in front of audiences of more than 85 million!
    • Core content including more than 20 high quality video lessons (also on audio + fillable PDF workbook)
    • The modules come out weekly, one at a time, for 6 weeks (and you have access for a full year.)
    • Quarterly Q&A with me (and perhaps an occasional guest) where you can get clarity on course material
    • Relevant bonuses (like easy-to-use pitching templates that will have you pitching in no time!)
    • A strategic curriculum that gives you the tools to get booked in Media and do successful interviews.
    • Since the course itself is self-directed, you can take it at your own pace and won’t ever feel behind.
    • Completing the Media Success Blueprint™ course is a prerequisite to work closer with me in Published to Prime Time™, my small group coaching program for women nonfiction authors.

    In Media Success Blueprint™ you can learn how to get booked for high impact media interviews (without having to pay $20,000 or more to a publicist) and how to intentionally create valuable and profitable marketing assets that serve your audience every single time you do a media interview.

    Media Success Blueprint™ is only $2400. (Limited spots left at $1997)

    In my proven Media Success Blueprint™ program you can take step-by-step action using my proprietary Media I.M.P.A.C.T. Method™


    Prepare the Foundation for Your Media Success

    • Embrace an unstoppable media mindset that will give you an advantage right from the start.
    • Identify your key guideposts to have an intentional media plan before you pitch the Media.
    • Craft the 3 Media Bios that will serve as powerful brand ambassadors boosting your credibility and expertise.
    • Fearlessly zero in on exactly who needs your book and message and commit to serving that specific audience.


      Go from Confusing to Crystal Clear

      • Nail your core message and stand out in the sea of authors vying for media attention.
      • Get your website media-ready and don’t miss any of the 9 critical elements you must have to attract media! (Even missing one of these can make them skip over you for an interview.)
      • Discover the “hidden pitch” you’re already making to the media so you can be sure it is conveying your message clearly.
      • Understand the media landscape so you can target the right media outlets for your specific audience.


        Week 5: Learn to Pitch Like a Pro

        • Learn how to target your pitch and reach the exact producers, columnists, and journalists who can book you.
        • Discover 11 effective ways to capture the media’s eye and get your message the attention it deserves. 
        • Develop your pitch with templates that take you from subject line to signature, to make it easy for media insiders to book you quickly. 
        • Optimize your pitch timing so that you make it past the email inbox and into the studio for an interview.


        Establish Your Unique Media Strategy

        • Learn how to think like a producer to stay in the driver’s seat during interviews.
        • Build a deeper connection with the audience with the single most important story you can tell in a media appearance.
        • Create sound bites that make your message memorable, shareable, and impactful.
        • Maximize your “pre-interview” so national producers are confident in booking you for game-changing publicity.


          Communicate Effectively in Media Interviews

          • Learn the critical things needed for an impressive remote interview (this is mandatory given how many remote interviews are happening now!)
          • Discover how to dress (and what you should never wear) to look your best on camera.
          • Plan and deliver successful print, podcast, and radio interviews, even if you’re doing them in your pajamas from home!
          • Discover how to handle an off-track interview so steer it in the direction of your intention and still get your message out clearly.


          Plan for Your Long Term Media Success

          • Learn how to get your clips and permanent links to all your media interviews because you never want to lose your marketing assets!
          • Once you’re doing interviews, the Media may reach out to you! So it’s crucial to be prepared because it can happen sooner than you think. 
          • What if your media interview brings controversy or pushback in any way? No worries! You’ll have a plan to handle it all with ease.
          • Revisit your identity as an author and expert who is appearing in Media sharing your expertise. What is possible for you next?

          Media Success Blueprint™ is full of excellent content.  Mary O’Donohue is an expert who walks you step-by-step through the process.  She starts with foundational topics such as mindset and identification of target audience. Then, Mary helps with messaging, pitches, and media strategy.  Finally, she prepares you for media interviews. I’m a first time author and am now confident to handle any media interaction with poise and grace, thanks to Mary’s guidance.

          Deb Meyer

          Author, Redefining Family Wealth: A Parents Guide to Purposeful Living

          Media Success Blueprint™ is a unique and necessary program for nonfiction authors. Mary, with her expertise as an author and post producer for major television shows, has behind-the-scenes information that is invaluable: You can’t “google search” the information she shares. Once you go through her program, you will have specific skills to promote your work to media outlets, including television. I absolutely loved this program.

          Kim Cook

          Author, Teen World Confidential: Five Minute Topics to Open Conversation About Sex and Relationships

          Media Success Blueprint™ has a Strategic Curriculum That Builds Week-to-Week.

          + Video Lessons

          A full year of private access to 20+ professionally produced videos geared toward mastering key media skills.

          + Audio Versions

          Audio versions of each lesson will be available to you so you can listen on the go for your convenience.

          + PDF Workbook

          Each module also comes with a fillable PDF workbook to help you retain key information and takeaways.


          + 4 Bonus Quarterly Live Q&A's

          Every quarter I’ll do a live Q&A session and you can pre-submit questions or attend live.

          Gleaning valuable advice from a media insider is gold! Mary was very generous in sharing her wealth of information. She was also encouraging to each member of the group. Mary wants
          authors to succeed and she gives them the tools to do that. 
          Ann Van Hine

          Author, Pieces Falling: Navigating 9/11 With Faith, Family, and the FDNY

          Valuable and Time-Saving Media Success Blueprint™ Bonuses

          4 Quarterly Q&A Sessions

          What would it feel like to have an Oprah show veteran directly answering your questions? Well, as someone who has literally spent decades of my life in control rooms, edit rooms, and green rooms AND been in your shoes as an author appearing in Media, I have the answers!

          If you have questions that come up along the way, simply submit them to my team or join our Zoom sessions live. (Details and Zoom links provided when you enroll.) 

          2 Pitch Templates

          Crafting a pitch doesn’t have to be intimidating. You’ll get exclusive access to 2 bonus pitch templates based on my P.I.T.C.H. Method™ that are simple to follow and proven to work.

          This is in addition to the step-by-step pitching guide that comes with the module that takes you from subject line to signature. So you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal to make writing pitches a breeze!

          2 Pitch Samples

          In addition to the 2 pitch templates, you’ll also get 2 fully written pitch samples so you can see what finished pitches looks like.

          Only my students and clients get access to these samples and you can use them as the basis for your own pitches, making the process even more streamlined and simple.

          7 Words that Cost You Publicity

          Because pitching is the step that most authors are concerned about, I include another valuable resource. This bonus PDF is about what NOT to do when pitching so you can avoid the very common mistake that will immediately ruin your chances of getting publicity. Plus, this guide include 3 examples of using hooks effectively to grab the Media’s attention right off the bat!

          Remote Interview Success Guide

          You’ll look like a media-savvy pro in your appearances, even if the interview isn’t in person!

          This valuable guide tells you PRECISELY what steps to take to have a successful interview on Zoom. You’ll learn how to look and sound your very best with tips on lighting, internet connection, microphones, wardrobe, and even backgrounds!

          I’m not just a Media Coach who spent more than a decade with Oprah – I’m a #1 bestselling nonfiction author too. So I’m completely unique among media coaches out there. As an author, the media exposure my book received established me as a trusted expert in the parenting space, greatly expanded my audience, and turned my book into a #1 bestseller in Parenting, and #97 overall out of millions of titles on Amazon! Below are just a few images from my media appearances.

          New York City


          St. Louis

          Mary is the real deal when it comes to Media. Her in depth knowledge of the industry helped me to gain the clarity I needed to understand my audience and message.  Within a few short weeks of being in Media Success Blueprint™ I was featured on Reader’s Digest online site with a readership of more than 11 million people!

          Ty Ziglar

          Author, Unpack Your Luggage and Live

          Mary takes you and your books to new levels of marketing. This is a must have program for every author! The value extremely outweighs the cost. Mary propelled my book years ahead in terms of marketing!
          Gail Rudolph

          Author, Power Up, Power Down: How to Reclaim Control and Make Every Situation a Win/Win

          Are you ready to harness the incredible power of Media to amplify your book, message, and purpose?

            Your Investment: one payment of $2,400

          (Limited spots left at early bird price of $1,997)


          “Working with Mary O’Donohue in her Media Success Blueprint program saved me thousands of dollars over what I would have paid a publicist. A superstar in the know, with over 3 decades of experience in television production. Mary teaches you how to get media attention.

          Mary coaches with a benevolent style that is heartwarming. Both cheerleader and mentor, she shows you how to get it done right and stand out from the crowd. Mary helps you remember how uniquely talented you are and why your message needs to be heard. I take the processes I learned in Media Success Blueprint and simply keep applying them with great success! And you can too.

          Ell Graniel

          Multi-Published Author

          Q: Why no payment plan? A: In the past, I have had programs with limited availability where the doors would close and we would start a cohort. So sometimes authors would feel like if they didn’t get in, they would miss out. That creates pressure to buy even if the funds aren’t there. I don’t want to put anyone in that situation so this program is ongoing. I currently have no plans to close the doors. If that changes, I’ll send out emails to my community. Take your time and join the program when you can afford it; only if it is right for you and your budget. There are no scholarships. Please note, the price will go up in 2023.

          Q: Is there a refund policy? A: Absolutely. If you are not happy with the program content simply send an email to [email protected] with Refund in the subject line within 7 days of purchase and my assistant will make sure your refund is issued within 2 business days. Please note, it may take several days to be reflected on your credit card balance.

          Disclaimers and Tough Love: All content presented is accurate at time of writing in July 2022. Each student’s success in this program depends on their own participation, level of commitment, and dedication to do the work. This is not a done-for-you program. Publicity is considered earned media and is not guaranteed. I make no warrantees or promises about what you will achieve. I can tell you that the authors who have been most successful are the ones who have done the work in every module and have pitched the Media consistently. You get access to this program for a full year after purchase, so there is plenty of time for you to utilize the content.

          Details: Testimonials are from past students from my previous Media Success Blueprint™ cohorts that only lasted for 8 weeks. This current offering gives students 4 quarterly live Q&A sessions so support is ongoing for a year. Live attendance for the Q&A sessions is not necessary. Students can submit questions in advance to [email protected] or attend live (a Zoom link and info on live Q&A sessions will be shared  upon enrollment.) Recordings will be provided.