You’re an entrepreneur, executive, author, or someone with an amazing story to share – and you want to get your message to the Media. You know that media attention can be the key factor that gets your story, brand, book, or company the attention it deserves.

But do you know what your precise message is, where it belongs in the media landscape, and how to get it there? Are you ready to appear on national news? To talk to a New York Times reporter? To sit face to face with the host of a popular radio show?

Enter Mary O’Donohue, behind the scenes media veteran and best selling author. With more than 30 years experience on shows like NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, Mary knows media. As a featured expert, Mary has made appearances on live TV and radio, and been quoted in newspapers throughout the country, as well as on numerous popular web sites including She even landed the cover story on Parents Magazine.

Who better to guide you through the media labyrinth than someone whose experience ranges from the Control Room to the Edit Room to the Green Room?

With a unique perspective you won’t find anywhere else, along with insider tips, little known tricks of the trade, comprehensive course offerings, as well as one-on-one media coaching, Mary O’Donohue is Your Behind the Scenes Media Mentor.

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    Paul Gorney, Top Chicagoland Real Estate Broker

    Mary's media coaching has been a game changer for me!... Paul Gorney Top Chicagoland Real Estate Broker

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